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Thread: The End for Tom Brady is Near:

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    The End for Tom Brady is Near:

    Cover boy for Madden 2018


    Game over. The curse only leaves WRs alone, although you can say Odell has been effected in some ways, party boats, kicking nets, fights, key drops in playoffs.

    Everyone else has been effected one way or another by injuries or careers ruined. Surprised Gronk didnt tell him to stay away, as he didnt believe in curses either.
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    The Madden Cover didn't affect OBJ at all... 96 catches, 1450 yds, 13 TD's

    The other stuff has nothing to do with the madden curse

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    No one actually believe this, do they?

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    I don't see the 'Madden Curse' impacting Brady, but I expect to see him show some signs of decline in the next year or two. Brady will be 40 this year and he can't beat Father Time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TEM View Post
    No one actually believe this, do they?
    They do, unfortunately. The leaps people take to confirm it in their heads is truly impressive at times

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    The Madden Curse is bull****.

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