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then why before the deadline on what was it the 9th of May we were odds on favorite to Land Blount but after the Deadline we weren't going to get him because of the compensatory pick? Everybody in the media was talking about it including Kimberly Jones and Paul Dottino. my understanding is If we would have signed Blount we lose the compensatory draft pick from Losing Hankins, that is what Kimberly Jones and Dottino said.
We were rumored to want him, but like I said, every interested party had compensatory picks on the line, so they were waiting for the May 9th deadline to sign him after.

If we signed Blount before May 9th, then his signing would cancel out Hankins getting signed away by Indy. So we would lose a 4th round compensatory pick.

If we signed Blount after May 9th, then his signing would no longer count against Hankins getting signed away by Indy. All free agent signings after that date no longer count for compensatory picks.

However...the Patriots put a rarely used tender right before the deadline on Blount, which mean that after May 9th he will still count for compensatory picks. So his signing would count against Hankins leaving.

So short and sweet now. If we signed him before May 9th no Comp pick for us. If the Pats didn't tender him on May 8th, then on May 9th we could have signed him and still get our Comp pick. Since they tendered him, he still counts after May 9th and we don't get our Comp pick if we sign him. That's why he was tied to us and the Ravens for months and still wasn't signed by either. Both teams were waiting for the deadline to pass.