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Thread: Is It Time to GET EXCITED about the NYG in 2017!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishMike357 View Post
    That's bad for your health, they have a class action lawsuit. I go all natural. lol
    ah I see....

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    Yes, I think we have what it takes to make a deep run.

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    It's BEEN time to get excited

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    Yes!!!!! Go Giants!!!!!
    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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    If you are not excited at the prospects of a great season... then you are not a fan.

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    I'm excited for the very real possibility of reclaiming our position at the top of the division. I am excited to watch Dallas take a step back after losing two O linemen. I'm excited to see Dak and Zeke see what the NFL is like without an all time great line doing work for them (hopefully). I'm excited for the many tough matchups and challenges we face this regular season, it will be a good rehearsal for what we have to do to make it to the SB. I'm excited to see this secondary improve and stay healthy with DT returning to centerfield. I'm excited for Eli to show that he still is a fine franchise QB capable of leading this team to victory. I'm excited to see if Odell can continue to get even better, and hopefully continue to mature into a young man we can all be proud of. And I'm excited to hopefully see all the naysayers be proven wrong when the work that our top notch front office has done to this roster pans out and leads to noticeably improved team that can go up against any other. I'm excited for Eli to go 3-0 against Brady and Bel in the superbowl! Okay, yeah, i'm pretty excited and hopefully not too delusional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCGIANT View Post
    If you are not excited at the prospects of a great season... then you are not a fan.
    False in every possible way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Die-Hard View Post
    False in every possible way

    There are some years I am overly optimistic. This year is not one of them. I think we had a few good accusations in the off season for the limited budget the giants had. I also believe the giants had a descent draft for picking in the bottom 3rd.

    There are 2 things that are the 200 lb gorillas in the room this off season that I felt were addressed but not not managed. (Neither one is Ereck Flowers. I think he is going to show signs of improvement at LT this up coming season)

    The right side of the Offensive line :
    As it stands now Jerry, Fluker and Hart are in the front running for RT and RG.

    Bobby Hart is the most promising because of his age. He looked lost and at times overwhelmed last season. Can he become a good RT or RG? At some point I do believe he can. This season I can't say. Is he just young and inexperienced? Or is the truth he is what he is, just a 7th round draft pick? This season will tell. Not feeling over joyed with him.

    John Jerry what you see is what you get. Good pass protector. Not so good with zone assignments, gets beat often. If he is on the field he is a deficit running between the tackles.

    Out the 3 is the most concerning. ( Lomas Brown he is not)

    The only thing he brings that Newhouse could not is his age, and that is only 2 years.
    If anything I expect we will see a MN type player . He has failed to keep his position on the line twice for the Chargers. That is the biggest flag. 2nd biggest flag; He has not played Tackle for 2 seasons . That is scary if they brought him in to play RT. The 3 rookies and Hart have more Tackle experience then Fluker in the past 2 seasons. That is not saying much. To me he is a guard and not a good one.

    The Chargers did not want to re-sign him and the Giants got him cheep.
    Like I said he is about what the Giants could afford at the time. When he is on the field, I am not expecting much improvement in the position he plays , some in the running game . Most likely lateral to worse in the pass protection. Is he a 1st round draft pick that needs a change of scenery? I have never been a fan of the grass is greener concept.

    Then there is Adam Gettis. He has been waved so many times. He probably believes football and goodbye mean the same thing.

    Fluker and Jerry both bring NFL starting experience. The same can be said about Geno Smith but I would not want him starting. IMO: Fluker and Jerry both are good at what the do. One can zone block the other can pass protect. If they are as many claim the Right side of the line, on any given play there is a good probability one of them is going to get beat.

    The 3 rookies:
    Bisnowaty Wheeler and Dunker; I am always optimistic of rookies until they prove otherwise. With that said 2 are UDFFs and a 6th round pick. This tells me that there is potential. It also shows they all will need some work and time to hone their skills . I don't believe or expect them to be prepared to be thrown into the mix on day one or week 12. Yea I know Dallas blah blah. I can rebuke the Dallas anomaly with; lightning rarely strikes where you want it to. Just because other teams have UDFAs on the line is no indication that Wheeler and or Dunker are going follow that model. I would like them too but I am a realist the odds are against them.

    Bisnowaty should make the team but being a 6th round pick, it is highly unlikely he pushes Fluker, Jerry or Hart out of the top 3 spots for competition.

    2nd gorilla. (The bigger one)

    The Giants secondary is outstanding as long as they stay healthy.

    If one corner goes down or is placed on IR Especially in the nickel.
    The Antwon Valentino Blake show begins. What a show it will be.

    People can say what the want about Trevin Wade. Personally I don't want him near the Giants. The fact is there is worse. When your prominence is the most burned corner in the NFL. The only way you want this guy near your team is on the other side of the line of scrimmage. This is the way i see it Wade was cloned and during the process there was a clinical error and what arose from the mess was Valentino Blake.

    It gets better, After him we have Michael Hunter and Deontae Skinner. These 2 also have been inflicted with football means goodbye syndrome. There are reasons players get waved. The reasons are probably not good
    DaShaun Amos aha a rookie , is all he has to do show up with a fly swatter to push the 3 ahead of him out of the way. As it stands, we have a UDFA rookie and 3 please get cut players, are corner depth. Leon Hall, Brandon Flowers,Sam Shields, anyone but Blake.

    With June 1 looming , I still have some optimism that more pertinent issues can still be resolved.
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