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Thread: Chris simms does not like the jpp deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcasman View Post
    I don't even know what the word bafoon means.

    I've heard of buffoons and baboons. Maybe bafoon is the offspring of those other two?
    They are like H-backs then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluejeep8888 View Post
    The one think about comparing the jpp deal to the vernon deal is which way the player is trending. Vernon seems to be on the up while jpp seems to be trending downward. Vernon hasn't missed a game basically ever. While jpp has missed several games over the past 2 years and seen his production decline.
    I'm not really comparing JPP and Vernon. Only in that you need to pay for good players - full stop.

    JPP can do things that Vernon will never be able to do. THey bring different things to the table.

    JPP actually brings more to the D than Vernon in several ways, but as has been noted his health is a major knock. Still, he is a highly valuable football player. It wouldn't have been worth trying to cobble something else together to replace him.

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