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    Giants Defense is sick!

    Nice job D. You look dominant. You look like you're playing inspired and are all fired up. You are awesome D.

    Moreover Perry Fewell, you are a Defensive Wizard Genius! They must be lining up to interview you for a head coaching gig after the SuperBowl.

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    Re: Giants Defense is sick!

    what a joke,

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    Re: Giants Defense is sick!

    They should've saved their talking for when they took the field tonight.

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    Re: Giants Defense is sick!

    [quote user="garyallan"]what a joke,[/quote]

    So much talking this week, and they are showing absolutely no fight. Perry Fewell made no adjustments so far. I am interested to see what they are going to do on offense. We have to score on the next drive for sure.
    Lets go, Giants!

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    Re: Giants Defense is sick!

    I hate my life

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    Re: Giants Defense is sick!

    They need to be B slapped and woken up. They read too much of their press clippings about how they would win. Every game this year that we bought into this crap it happened. Oh well!

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