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    Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    I'm speechless...

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    The whole game I was talking to myself asking Eli to patient. Don't let them bait you into a bad throw. Eli never faltered. He played the game as perfect as you can for what New England gave them. Lets not even get started on the throw he made to Manningham. Great catch by Manningham and way to finish!!

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    I never say this, as I do believe in one God....

    but Eli Manning is now a god in NY.

    The best Giant ever, and IDC what anyone says. The guy is an all time great.

    Beat Tom Brady TWICE in the Super Bowl. That is HUGE.

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    Can't wait to get my Nike Eli jersey.

    It'll be my fourth one lol.
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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    Eli is short for elite, remember that folks. NY couldn't have a better QB, I'm not even speaking of his abilities but his demeanor. He's on an even keel at all times, not too high, not too low and the media which can be the harshest in the world, doesn't affect him.
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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    He is absolutely perfect under pressure...never gets too anxious and has made leaps and bounds last year in terms of bad throws. i bELIeve!!!!!!

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    I'm blown away by Eli! He is an amazing QB!
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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    I'm still in shock. Now, I will have another 5 years of YouTube "fan reaction" videos! I love those things!!!! I'm stoked.

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    my single favorite athlete of all time

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    Re: Eli was INCREDIBLE!!!

    Eli has just established himself as an all time great and he will play for another 5 seasons easily. Best QB to ever wear a Giants jersey.

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