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    Fumble Recoveries!

    i dont know the names i didnt really pay attention but they are the HEROES

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    I know Snee got one of them

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    Snee, Hynoski, and ?
    They said Brady and the Patriots couldn't be beat, Eli did it twice, how's that for Elite?

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    [quote user="NYGFaninILL"]Snee, Hynoski, and ?[/quote]

    The other one was recovered by NE but it was a penalty against them so it didn't count.

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    Dude, you are 100% right. They saved our B-hinds many times. I let out huge sighs of relief 2 or 3 times. It seems like our guys were alert and were following the ball carriers--almost like they had practiced being alert for such recoveries. They certainly saved us a few times tonight.

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    Reminded me of 2007. []

    Show class, be a Giants fan.

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    Re: Fumble Recoveries!

    [quote user="NYG216"]Reminded me of 2007.* []

    Sure will be a nice sig. Hope to see it soon.
    Bill Loyal to the NYG logo

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