[quote user="look@dafilm"][quote user="JPP"][quote user="look@dafilm"]Divisional sour grapes, lol. The Redskins ought to consider themselves lucky that they won more than 2 games.

Seriously though, there is a point to be made here. I am waiting for one Giants fan to admit that maybe, just maybe, the Giants might be one of the luckiest teams ever. The Giants won, yes, and good for them. But instead of "Superbowlzz babyzz!!!!!" humility might be useful here. The Giants lucked their way all the way through the playoffs this year.

Gotta be lucky to be good. But yeah I know what your saying but I don't think we were the luckiest Superbowl teams or anything. Our guys still had to make the plays and there was lots of mistakes for both sides in every giants game like penalties and stuff like that. Overall I agree though we were a 7-7 team we definitely need some luck what about the Miles overthrow by Romo possibly could have been a touchdown or at least a big gain and not given us enough time to come back in that 1st Cowboy game.[/quote]

I get that hustle "creates luck", and boy do the Giants sure hustle. But c'mon, there are things I just don't get and things you can't "create". Really? having your own fumbles bounce right back to you 3 times, recovering a "muff" because it bounced off a guys knee, etc. The Giants very quickly became the entire team version of Brett Favre this post-season and that's a sign of the Apocalypse, lol.

I guess just like 4 years ago it was "meant to be". 9999999999999/10000000000000 David Tyree doesn't make that catch. And I think I'm being generous with those odds. But, NYG is super bowl champions twice because of it so what are you gonna do.

Only a fool or a dead brained homer would deny the role of luck in championship run. The Giants certainly got some breaks on this one and on the 2007 run. There ought not be shame in it as it occurs in every championship run.

Some are breaks you make, some are just good bounces...but all of them combine to be the necessary makeup of a championship team.

It happens to all of them and the Giants are certainly no exception.