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Thread: So Giants Fans

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    [quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="Bread"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="look@dafilm"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="Hail"][quote user="SweetZombieJesus"][quote user="Fail"][quote user="TroyArcher"]So sad for you.* Must be hard rooting for such a loser organization.* Who know maybe some day your loser team can luck its way to a SB Trophy although I doubt it.*[/quote]At least our city isnt a dump.[/quote]

    LOL Washington DC is the most disappointing big city on Earth with the possible exception of Detroit.

    You'd think it's all the glamorous helicopter shots of the White House and mall but it's like the worst of the Detroit, the Bronx, Newark, and Camden thrown together, homeless people all over the place and sirens and gunshots.

    DC isn't nice enough to be called a dump.
    [/quote]Dude, your city is dirty and smells like crap and your women (and men) are ugly. You dont have the weather of Dallas, the historical signifigance and culture of Philadelphia and most importantly, the class, wealth, hip hop scene and relevancy of WASHINGTON DC

    Half of you live in Jersey.

    And the Redskins own the Giants

    We just own you in everything[/quote]

    I lived in Dallas for awhile
    and still go there often. The weather is great for like 3 months. Other than that it is either 30 degrees or 110 degrees. And then in the spring, one day it's 20 degrees and the next it's 80 degrees. I always got sick there. New York has just as much history as filthadelphia, if not more. And DC is a great place to go if you want to get killed by crips and bloods. It has annually been one of the most dangerous cities in the country and is actually near America's butthole. Nobody in that area is wealthy. There is amazing wealth in NYC. And as far as your team not winning the Superbowl, well... bummer.[/quote]

    I'm so sorry.
    It was a great place to live actually. The people are nice, the laws are pretty relaxed. Then again I own a lot of land in the suburbs (Dallas/Fort Worth is super spread out. There are cattle farms literally 3 miles from the city, if not closer) It was a great place to live. And the fans aren't jerks. Giants fans can be bigger jerks than Cowboy fans actually. But the weather gets crappy in the winter and summer there.[/quote]You must be white. My treatment was the opposite of that and it wasnt because I'm an Eagles fan......[/quote]
    Wow, another non caucasian crying racism over something that probably had nothing to do with racial issues. This is a football forum, don't bring stupid political/racial **** into it. Assuming the people of Texas dislike you because you aren't white is racist on your part. That's one thing I hate about people in this country. Most white people (yes, even in Texas) don't give a damn about people's skin color. It's the minorities who bring attention to it. In fact, because of affirmative action pushed by minorities, white people are getting screwed over when it comes to the job front all over the country. Sure, you have you bigoted white jerks, but I mean that is such a small number (and most of them are old like 75 and up as they were raised in an intolerant culture). Don't bring racist accusation trash to this forum please, because that is in and of itself, racist without grounds.[/quote]You edited your post, really? LMFAO

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    I'm gonna hail back to the Redskins' flame throwing thread starter.

    Since when does a self-respecting fan base allow a bunch of middle aged pot-belly dress wearing, pig nosed transvestites, identity adjusted, female pigs in male bodies out as the team's mascot and cheerleaders? I mean, who let the bureaucrats out?

    Hail would argue, "We embrace them!" ...To which I'd say: exactly.

    Or do you just call your them your lipstick taxi squad, one injury away from getting into the staring offensive line?

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    [quote user="look@dafilm"][quote user="ru_gmen55"][quote user="CDN_G-FAN"][quote user="look@dafilm"][quote user="CDN_G-FAN"][quote user="look@dafilm"][quote user="SweetZombieJesus"][quote user="look@dafilm"]Divisional sour grapes, lol. The Redskins ought to consider themselves lucky that they won more than 2 games.

    Seriously though, there is a point to be made here. I am waiting for one Giants fan to admit that maybe, just maybe, the Giants might be one of the luckiest teams ever. The Giants won, yes, and good for them. But instead of "Superbowlzz babyzz!!!!!" humility might be useful here. The Giants lucked their way all the way through the playoffs this year.

    Hard work makes luck, that's what you can't grasp.

    Like that fumble by Williams that won the SF game?* The ball was KNOCKED OUT.* It would have been luck if the guy dropped the ball untouched.* Did you notice what our receivers did?* If there was a defender within 5 yards they covered up and hit the deck.* BALL SECURITY.* It's not our fault if your team didn't value ball security like ours did.* I guess we were LUCKY that your coaches didn't value ball security.

    LUCK is if a ball gets wedged in the receiver's facemask, or a tipped ball goes right into a defender's hand, or if a guy runs into his own teammate and fumbles.

    You'll learn it's not LUCK when your team gets beat by solid play.

    And as for the Giants, as a franchise, having luck?* Go ahead and for every perceived incident of "luck" I can name a heart-wrenching example of "bad luck".* Beating you in the NFC CG?* 2003 playoff game.*

    I've already addressed all of this so I'm not going to even bother with it now. I will say however, that many of your fans "get it", a ****load of luck was involved in what the Giants did this post-season, like more than I have ever seen one team have over 4-5 weeks. It was break after break after break. And that's fine, but its the ****iness and downright *******hood that goes with it that's annoying. Like various fans refusing to admit that almost all of the deciding breaks in a game when NYGs way and most were pure luck, or your incessant trash talk all the time, or things like Brandon Jacobs saying that the Giants "Decapitated the Patriots". Decapitated, really? If the Patriots come up with that very well executed hail mary, your boy Bradshaw is this weeks Kyle Williams.

    we don't need any lessons on what we're refusing to admit. i've never seen a fanbase so ****y-bigheaded-immature-can't-back-up-their-mouths-with-their-play in my life.

    we won. you lost. you could have won the game, if your coach was a real NFL head coach and not a frickin' hollywood movie head coach

    the plays were on the field for you guys to win, luck or no luck. you didn't need any luck to win that game. it was right there.

    your coach called a stupid 4th quarter, and you guys were unprepared for what needs to happen in order for you to win championship games.

    get over it, don't get over it.

    i hope your fanbase is a good baraometer for your team. I hope they feel they were just unlucky.

    because if that's how they feel, this year was as close as you'll ever get to a championship under Harbaugh.[/quote]

    Yawn. Another attack on me and (surprise surprise) Harbaugh. The funny thing about Harbaugh is that I've heard nothing but praise from him fans except 3' fans: Lions, Saints, and Giants fans. We beat the Lions and Saints, so I guess I understand that somewhat, but the Giants part I don't get. Habaugh a "hollywood coach" (whatever that means...), lol, ok sure. Rookie NFL HC taking over in the midst of an NFL lockout and taking his team to within 1 lucky muff (yes, it was luck no matter how much you try to deny it. If that ball doesn't go off Williams' knee the game doesn't go to OT and SF wins the game.) and 1 lousy call from the SB is clearly not a "real NFL coach" like you say.

    And I have no problem "getting over it", its annoying that a team that was outplayed by my team won the SB, but hey, more power to you. I'm not losing any sleep over it, it wasn't our year this year. Hopefully the 49ers have a good off-season and come back even stronger next year. I'm just amused by both Giants players and their fans at their level of ****iness over what was easily the luckiest Super Bowl run I have ever seen. I do enjoy the conversation with the level-headed fans (not just here) that "get it", however. Its nice to have decent and rational conversation. Fans (like you) that lash out get tiresome I'm afraid though. They probably realize what is being said is true and don't like it and/or can't handle it and resort to attacks.

    ahhhhh. you've been attacked? i've 'lashed out'??? were you called stupid in my post (your're not), was your family insulted? Did i tweet death threats to you?? stop the swooning victim act.

    keep in mind i was responding to a post where you called giants fans ***holes. So please Pollyanna, save the drama.

    the only way you define 'get it', is if giants fans admits that we didn't earn our victories and that forever our superbowl win is tainted because a group of fans feel somehow they were cheated.

    you sound like george costanza. All i want is my 75 cent back, an apology, and for him to be fired.

    but for the 1,000th time, here's how 49er fans don't get it:

    every smart giants fan watching the 49ers game in the 4th quarter was shaking their heads and wringing their hands because frank gore and the rest of your running game was gashing us. gore averaged 4.4, and anyone else running the ball did at least as good. you spent 3 quarters establishing the run, and then when most teams, in windy muddy conditions, try and cash in on that investment, the 4th quarter, John Harbaugh, a former QB, makes it clear for everyone and anyone paying attention, that he's going to put the ball in the hands of the QB that beat the Saints.

    Except in cruddy conditions that QB hasn't completed a pass to a WR, and his two TDs were blown coverages to his TE.

    The games right there. as a giants fan, i have no problem admitting that if Harbaugh stuck to the run in the 4th quarter, that game doesn't make it to overtime. Instead with under 2 minutes to play i see him call 3 PASSES IN A ROW TAKING 18 CLICKS ONLY OFF THE CLOCK. He was calling 5 passing plays for every run. I couldn't believe my frickin' eyes.

    This isn't the replacements. "winners don't want the ball". You stick with whats winning and for anyone paying attention, the run was working. instead of fawning and throwing flowers at harbaugh's feet, why aren't any of you asking that question. you didn't need any 'bounces to go your way, you ran it down our throats, racked up over 130 yards rushing in the game....and then just stopped halfway through the 4th. WTF?

    That's stupid stupid coaching.

    and the ball that went off Williams knee???? Why the HELL haven't you guys been asking why he was in there in the first place, or at the bare minimum coached up properly?

    Were any of you paying attention? Did you not see your opponent have a punt returner call a fair catch and then take off getting a 15 yard penalty?

    Did you see that punt returner again in the game? No, you didn't. Because a smart coach pulls him, puts in someone who's told that ball security is his #1, #2, and #3 priority. Aaron Ross came in, made sure to catch every punt, ran until there was going to be contact and went down.

    I watched Williams DIVE FOR A FAIR CATCH PUNT IN THE RAIN AND WIND in the first half!!!!

    And they kept him in there? SERIOUSLY!!!!! The guy's usually not on ST fielding punts and kicks and after that he's still in there? And clearly he wasn't pulled aside and told how brutal a turnover would be in a game like this because not 5 punts later another one is bounce off of his knee. You guys didn't need Ginn in the game. that's ignorant. you just needed to coach up the guy that was there on what you do in muddy, rainy, windy conditions.

    and then he gets the ball popped out AGAIN!!!!!!

    That's not luck, dude. That's a coach who "sticks with his player". Well, there's the result of sticking with your player in that situation.

    you guys didn't need luck. You weren't unlucky.

    Your just so in love with Harbaugh ("i've heard nothing but praise for him"......LOL no kidding !)that you're not asking the tough questions of your coach like, frankly, New York Giants fans ask after every game, win or lose.

    Sure we're ****y. What Superbowl champions aren't?

    You're coach put the ball in the hands of a QB that couldn't complete a pass to a WR when he had a running game that racked up over 100 yards, and didn't have the sense to pull a punt returner in the 1st half when it was clear to ANYONE with minimal football knowledge that he was in WAY over his head.

    The fact that gore didn't rush for the winning touchdown, and Williams was STILL IN THE GAME to fumble twice, is the reason we won.

    it had nothing to do with luck.[/quote]

    +1...I wouldn't even bother with this dude anymore...he's letting sour grapes turn him into an idiot. The 9ers game happened three weeks ago, and the Gmen are champs now. It's over, dude...you aren't going to get any apologies from us.[/quote]

    A short story sized attack on me and Harbaugh, and I'm the one who's an idiot? Lol. I wasn't even the one to bring up the 49ers here, others did. I laughed at the premise of thread and the OP, but said and pointed out the sheer amount of luck that came into the Giants SB run.

    Your hyperbolic attacks are getting tiresome though. I don't care about "any apologies" from anyone, lol. Maybe you're bringing it up because you're feeling guilty about something -_-

    I just said that I was amused by the the ****iness by the whole NY scene: its players, fans, etc. over what was easily the luckiest SB runs I've ever seen. You attacking me (or the 49ers or Harbaugh for that matter) doesn't change that

    All I meant is that you continue to look for our fans to admit the team lucked into a title...and it's not gonna happen. Lucky breaks or not, titles are earned. One play can change a game, but football games aren't won solely on one play...precisely why I didn't say the 9ers were lucky in 2003...the Giants earned that loss...the bad snap and non-PI call SUCKED, but they had a hug lead and blew it...they deserved to lose.

    Trust me, no guilt here. Just telling you you have unrealistic expectations of a fanbase reveling in a championship. I respect your team a lot, and have a strong feeling that they will have their hand in another Conferece title game. None of this is fueled by hate, trust me.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    that was a redskin fan! I though that was a pats fan.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    [quote user="Hail"][quote user="TroyArcher"]So sad for you. Must be hard rooting for such a loser organization. Who know maybe some day your loser team can luck its way to a SB Trophy although I doubt it.[/quote]At least our city isnt a dump.[/quote]I do not live in New York but I have to say that Washington, DC contains more of America's garbage and then some than New York.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    I couldn't give two ****s to argue about the cities. I am not a city person and will never live in one.

    All I care is that the Giants are, once again, Super Bowl champions.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    [quote user="Hail"]How does it feel to know you have lucked your way into another trophy that you dont deserve?[/quote]?[] My man!
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    [quote user="jomo"][quote user="Hail"]How does it feel to know you have lucked your way into another trophy that you dont deserve?[/quote]?[] My man![/quote]

    Jomo your sig is not true. I will always remember the patriots coming in second to US :P
    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

    Complain?, ain't Nobody got time for dat!


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    Re: So Giants Fans

    Dude...you taunt like a 5 year old and my team won SB 46, which means that I don't give a damn about your idiotic comments!!!
    And I don't give a damn that you swept us, because you played the injured walking wounded version of my Giants. You never would have beaten the healthy version!
    "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

    John McKay, HC of the 1976 winless TB Buccaneers, when asked by a reporter, how McKay felt, about the execution of his offense.

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    Re: So Giants Fans

    Basically if you want any credit around here admit your own season was lucky.

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