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    2012-2013 season

    With Eli playing superb football against superb teams (9:1 TD/int), our offensive line primed to get better and younger, and Goff and T2 back, and the possibility of drafting Dunta hightower, will this team resemble the 08-09 giants? I see Eli making a run at Drew Brees record if he manages to play as well as he did in the playoffs and our team taking the division with ease. Barring one of our players shooting himself, i see a great season for Big Blue, super bowl champions. I love you all, cheers.

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    Re: 2012-2013 season

    Hope so; the Giants have the toughest opponents schedule in the NFL for 2012.

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    Re: 2012-2013 season

    I know. It will make things very interesting. I'm ready to see the defending super bowl champs plow through teams in a 2008 fashion. I still remember going into Pitt and putting it on them that year.

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