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    Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    Is this where we part ways with Jacobs? If so, i wish him all of the luck in the world. He helped us to two rings. He was a true Giant. I'd like to seem him back another year, but things don't always work out.

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    want to put it into context? About bj wishing eli luck?

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    [quote user="DragonSoul"]want to put it into context? About bj wishing eli luck?[/quote]

    During the post game he was being asked about eli's play and how he felt about him, and he wished him luck. Which really can only mean one thing...you don't wish your current QB luck.

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    I heard it too. It made me kind of sad.
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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    yeah,I felt bad too.I actuallyfelt more comfortable with him carrying the ball than Bradshaw tonight.he ran with authority,always for positive yards and didnt fumble.be nice to see him come back,but that looks unlikely.

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    u guys r taking it out of context. i think Jacobs was implying Eli has a long, successful career ahead of him... and he wishes him luck. he never said anything about leaving the team.... but he did say "WE decapitated them"

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    he said clearly he would most likely not be a giant next season, he see's himself as a everydown back that can make moves behind the line and TC doesn't. i personally like BJ but think he is best running straight ahead.
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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    Yeah, I heard that too, and thought it sounded weird.

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    It almost seemed as though they integrated DJ ware so much into this game because they intended to foreshadow how our backfield will look in the future.

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    Re: Jacobs wishes eli luck...

    Jacobs really ran with a purpose tonight. A true Giant legend.

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