WCJB-TB reports that Jacksonville Jaguars safety Reggie Nelson "was at the scene and may have witnessed" a shooting in Gainesville on early Sunday morning.

Per the report, 28-year-old Corey Smith and 19-year-old Justin Glass were sitting in traffic on University Avenue in Gainesville when a man approached the car and shot both of them. Glass was shot in the arm, and Smith is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head.

Nelson apparently was in town for the Auburn-Florida game, which ended roughly three hours before the incident. His NFL team was off on Sunday.

Nelson was the Jaguars' first-round pick in the 2007 draft.

To be as clear as our in-house legal department (i.e., me) wants us to be, there is no evidence linking Nelson to any crime. The report from WCJB is only that Nelson "was at the scene and may have witnessed" the incident. But this is the Ray Lewis-style incident that we mentioned earlier in the day, since Lewis was "at the scene and may have witnessed" a double-murder in January 2000.

add to that-that hes struggling against the run in Jax due to his size (5'11 197) hes missing alot of tackles and he was benched for Sammy Knight and now hes back in.