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Thread: Jake Ballard

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    Jake Ballard

    How serious was Jake Ballard's injury? He was already scheduled to have offseason knee surgery on the other knee. He is also a free agent. It is difficult to get a large contract after surgery on BOTH knees.

    I hope he is okay. I want us to resign him because he was a BIG part of this team. Giants are AWESOME !!!!

    Go Giants !!!

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    Re: Jake Ballard

    From what I heard he only tore his meniscus in the one knee tonight. Easy rehab before training camp if thats all it is. Beckum really messed his knee up I feel bad for him.

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    Re: Jake Ballard

    I give the guy a TON of props for trying to run it off on the sidelines, but it was painful watching him collapse after sprinting 10yds

    I wish the best for him, but who knows whats in our future at TE
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    Re: Jake Ballard

    ballard was all in, dude tore up his knee and was still trying to get back in the game.

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    Re: Jake Ballard

    Was definitely painful to see him fall on the sidelines like that. I grimaced when I saw him stumble and you could just see the pain on his face. I totally respect the effort on his part for even trying to come back in...it unfortunately looked like he may have done more damage. Hard seeing that possibly being the end as a Giant.

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