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Thread: Special teams.

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    Special teams.

    Will not be spoken of much tonight. Good for those guys. Weatherford helped out tremendously tonight.

    Those three fumbles recovered were great, as well. I would consider those "special" team as well.

    Can't complain now, though. I'm on top of the world. Can't wait to throw up tomorrow morning.

    I love everything about this organization. Thank you for letting me remember it's worth it, guys.

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    Re: Special teams.

    Special teams seemed to struggle earlier on in the season and definitely seemed to click a bit more throughout these playoffs. Finally started to see some strong returns especially on kickoffs. Weatherford was huge for us all year long. Played excellent in the superbowl with 3 kicks inside the 10... and should have been 4 really. Tynes isn't always pretty but for the most part got the job done. Our kickoff and punt coverage did very well for us and as we all know a huge part for why we even got to play today.

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