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    Leave linebacker alone this offseason

    I cant bELIeve im saying this... but im fine with kiwi/jwill on the outside then rotating goff/blackburn in the middle will be very effective imo.... and boley i mean what else is there to say other then hes been a beast

    Why am I talking about this..... we just won the superbowl!

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    Re: Leave linebacker alone this offseason

    It still wont hurt us to bring some1 in.....why not add to the talent we already have. I thought Chase Blackburn was an unsung hero throughout the year...at times I thought he was our best linebacker, what was Reese thinking of when he released him in the offseason, Im just glad Reese had no choice but to sign him after Herzlich got hurt.

    Offensive Tackle is still a huge concern for us tho

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    Re: Leave linebacker alone this offseason

    The front office is going to have to make some decisions with the LBs:

    Blackburn & Goff both aren't signed for next year. I suspect both will be released.

    Mathias Kiwanuka 1,750,000 4,000,000
    Michael Boley 3,500,000 4,000,000 4,250,000
    Greg Jones 375,000 465,000 555,000
    Jacquian Williams 375,000 465,000 555,000
    Mark Herzlich 375,000 465,000 555,000
    Spencer Paysinger 375,000 465,000 555,000
    Chase Blackburn 685,000
    Adrian Tracy 96,900
    Jonathan Goff 600,000
    Clint Sintim 525,000 565,000

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    Re: Leave linebacker alone this offseason

    Honestly I would ditch Sintim, Tracey, and Paysinger. I think NYG should make a definitive choice over who is starting MLB. I like Goff...I do.....but I feel Chase should be our starting MLB.....the guy has heart and hussle. If not then at least give him and OLB starting spot, and move Kiwi back to DE, since we will most likely lose Osi....

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    Re: Leave linebacker alone this offseason

    Should be interesting. We have a lot of young talent at LB.

    Chase was outstanding this year. He's breaking down film like Pierce taught him and playing smart. In other words, he's preparing better, and so is playing better than ever.
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