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    Re: Let's really end this: Eli or Jesus

    lol...Mr. Crush em Giant...You sure are crushin them laughing at religion man. I can name you atleast 20 Giants who were brought up loving and believing in Jesus Christ....Just imagine how affected one player not many but one player would get if they knew their 'Beloved fans were about bashing their religion on The New York Message board....Come on you guys living.

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    Re: Let's really end this: Eli or Jesus

    I don't care if you believe in a higher power or any kind of religion at all. You probably want your opinion about such things to be respected and not ridiculed, right? Yet so many of you would stoop this low and joke openly about something that millions upon millions of people in this world take very much to heart and live by it.

    Lots of you will not be coming back to this forum after this little display, and I don't give a damn how long you've been here or how 'harmless' you think it all has been. It was extremely disrespectful and totally innapropriate, not to mention embarassing as a Giant fan that my fellow fans could go to such levels just because they're bored.

    I'm not a religious person but this was pathetic. Take a bow

    Don't bother asking for your account to be reinstated because it will not happen

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