I hate the Giants, but I respect the heck out of how you win games. In my opinion, the Giants play football the right way. Solid defense, as mistake free offense as you can. A balanced passing and rushing attack. That's what football is all about. Not that NCAA Tim Tebow spread option crap.

I have watched and rooted against the Giants for years [49ers fan] but I'm not blind to what I see. You don't go out there and beat teams down. You don't put 50 points on a bad team. You don't play a stifling defense that shuts people out and takes the ball away a lot. [The Falcons have been terrible on the road all year long, it wasn't just you guys] You just get it done. That's discipline. That's what it takes to be a champion. That's why my 49ers were 13-3 and on the door step. That's why our game went to OT and came down to mistakes.

I also wanted to vent for a moment and say that recently you guys have also been the luckiest team in the NFL... seriously, even the commentators were talking about how much luck the Gs have had. Again, it is not meant to take anything away from the victory, but don't deny it. Tom Brady, when asked about luck years ago, had this to say, "I guess I'd rather be lucky than good."

Here is looking forward to next year!

P.S. Someone else said it in another forums, but I think the 49ers and Giants have one of the best uniform combinations you could ask for on a football field. Red versus Blue with classic styles and simple logos with the city's initials. Nothing over the top. How ugly was the Packers Steelers Super Bowl? Double yellow pants? ugh!