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Thread: Brady, shook up

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    Brady, shook up

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    FU N***

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    [quote user="toronto954"]FU N***[/quote]
    Nah. I don't think it is fun!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    really, i almost feel sorry for brady and kraft. i used to really despise them, now, knowing we're the better team with a qb who plays better...i almost feel sad for them.

    imagine the heartbreak, to lose to the giants not once in dramatic fashion, but twice?

    that article was a great read. brady isnt as bad a guy as i thought. u see pics of bradys team mates dancing and partying late that night, im positive brady would be disgusted with gronks behavior

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