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Thread: Brady, shook up

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    Brady, shook up

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    FU N***

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    [quote user="toronto954"]FU N***[/quote]
    Nah. I don't think it is fun!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Brady, shook up

    really, i almost feel sorry for brady and kraft. i used to really despise them, now, knowing we're the better team with a qb who plays better...i almost feel sad for them.

    imagine the heartbreak, to lose to the giants not once in dramatic fashion, but twice?

    that article was a great read. brady isnt as bad a guy as i thought. u see pics of bradys team mates dancing and partying late that night, im positive brady would be disgusted with gronks behavior
    "The OL is good enough for most of Eli's supposed peers..."

    " I'll also remind you that Reuben Randle is a greater threat than Jason Witten."

    "I would put Phil number one, Hoss number two, and Eli number three ..."

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