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    Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    Ever since defensive signal caller and leader Antonio Pierce went down the Giants defense wasn't the same.Goff showed promise but when he went down an already suspect LB corp had to move Boley to the middle,start rookie Williams and midseason,this defense was blowing coverages and was an embarrassment.Plus,every returned kickoff seemed to go to the 30 at least.Every punt return drew a flag.Blackburn returns at MLB and calls the defensive signals again.The defensive QB.The blown coverages stop.Boley becomes a playmaker again.Run D improves.Blackburn even makes big interceptions against the packers and incredibly,50 yards downfield against the Pats.I challenge ANYONE to come up with any instance,ever,of a MLB in coverage 50 yards downfield,1 on 1,without another defender,safety, DB whatever within 20 yards.If ever a coverage should or could be blown on a scramble broken play this would be it.Yet,there was Blackburn,50 yards downfield with the TE.No safeties.An interception no less.Fumble recovery and return against Atlanta.Special teams-He was the captain and best cover guy.All of a sudden returns past the 25 stopped.Stops inside the 20 actually occured.And special team play won the 9er game.Even illegal block in the back # 22,made a key play.Defensive signal caller and special team captain Blackburn returns and both struggling units turn it around.I hope the Giants reward him.He's our MLB.That is no longer a position of need.With Goff back we're actually deep there.In the draft we need RB,OL and OLB help.If Reese drafts a DE i'll never ? him again.

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    Re: Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    I have been praising Chase since his return to our team from his couch. The guy has played with fire in his belly and I think we need to keep him. Our Lb corps has been short of a few things but with more time together and in the film room, I believe we have solid LB's (not our crew from 85-86 teams by any means) but this crew should stay together and I think we will be well served. Just mho. Great Job since your rtn Chase.

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    Re: Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    Chase Blackburn is Jesus

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    Re: Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    Chase has played great and I love having him on the team. He stayed with Gronk because of the bad ankle though. I like Chase but he aint fast at all. He also got smoked by Hernandez. Not dissing him ans I am just countering your post a little bit.

    With that said he had better be on the team next year........

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    Re: Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    I'm saying most mlbs would've passed off that coverage to the secondary at some point which earlier this yr led to recievers completely uncovered for easy tds.It was his man and he never left him.

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    Re: Giants unsung MVP-Chase Blackburn

    I'm so happy and proud of him... He single handedly made a difference to our team from the second he returned... I'm glad he is part of our team
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