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Thread: So who we drafting?

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    Re: So who we drafting?

    [quote user="BigBlue2010"]Reese has been very consistent in how he drafts and acquires TE's.
    Boss - 6th rd
    Beckum 3rd rd
    Pascoe 6th rd and cut by 49ers
    Ballard undrafted and practice squad

    At this point I don't see him suddenly waking up and saying "I've been wrong, I should draft a TE in the first round." I am not saying this because of how I feel about the guys being mentioned or even because of how I feel about Reese's drafting. Its purely an observation.[/quote]

    That's purely circumstantial with their respective years. Giants drafted a TE in the first before.

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    Re: So who we drafting?

    If we don't resign Goff, i would love to draft Vontaze Burfict. That kid is possessed with demons but he is an incredible player.

    Or go for Lamar Miller from Miami if we let Jacobs go.

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    Re: So who we drafting?

    Top 5 Prospects for the first round:

    1) Cordy Glenn- Guy is huge and an absolute beast who can play both guard and right tackle (we need both).

    2) Dontari Poe- Man is 6 ft 5 and weighs 355 lbs. Imagine him next to Linval in a few years?

    3) Mark Barron- Big, athletic SS who could replace Grant as soon as next year as our third safety.

    4) Lamar Miller- Stud running back with size. Goodbye Jacobs.

    5) Vontaze Burfict- Guy is a freak of nature and although has some mental issues on the field, he could be great if we ever straightened him out.
    Because he's got no knees and I know how to type.

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