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    O$I questions - what is his worth?

    Toughest decision

    - The defense played much better when O$i returned

    - O$I's forced fumble against Rodgers may have won that game and his knack for forcing fumbles might be a must for this Giants defense

    - If Strahan lasted until 37/38, can O$i last another 6 years?

    - If he wants top 5 DE money, Tuck will want to be taken care of. Meanwhile, JPP is worth how much

    - How much will another team offer for O$I?

    Tough questions and a lot could depend on what another team offers for him.

    What would you do?

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    Re: O$I questions - what is his worth?

    3 years at 8 million= 24 million maybe 6 millon signing bonus. Will play 12 games a year and have 12 sacks per year is he worth it? Does he play the run?

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    Re: O$I questions - what is his worth?

    Why do you keep referring to him as O$i........?
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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