[quote user="critters"]Saying Dont'a is strictly a 3-4 guys is a valid argument because that's the system he comes from. Saban is a 3-4 guy but the way he uses his JACK LB can basically switch Alabama to a 4-3 though and DH has excelled in that system. I wouldn't say pass coverage is the best part of his game (although I think he could hang with most TEs in the NFL), but I think he brings more in other departments to make him a good fit for us. Not to mention, Saban teaches every player how to drop into coverage and I've never noticed it being a major weakness for Hightower. I certainly don't think Goff showed that he is any better at pass coverage.

Dont'a brings size, good speed, great strength, high intelligence, great work ethic and leadership. He'd be a monster against the run and he has versatility in that if injuries ever became a problem he could be moved to DE and still get the job done (similar to Kiwanuka).

Well, again, Im not knocking Hightower as a player, I do like him a lot.

I didnt say he was strictly a 34 guy either. I said he has more value to a 34 team, which is absolutely true. He is likely higher rated on a 3-4 team's board than a 4-3 team's board.

Despite what people may think 3-4 LB is VERY different from 4-3. There are 2 very different skillsets required. DH is a protoype ILB for a 3-4 team, there is serious value to all 3-4 teams. Lets say he is 20-30th ranked player on a 3-4 team's board. But, because of the lack of film to evaluate him in a 4-3 system,the typical transition time needed to make the switch and the fact that in a 43 he is likely a 2 down backer reduce his value to a 43 team. He might be the 45th rated player to a 4-3 team.

As always the case with a guy like Dont'a, his ability to play in a 43 system will be evaluated at the combine. How does he do in agility drills?.... how does he do in cover drills....etc He could suprise, most felt last year Von Miller would only be a 3-4 OLB until he put on a show at the combine in cover drills. Dont'a could do the same. But, him playing in a 3-4 system now there is no way to tell by looking at his tape because he almost never covers man and He never had to turn and run to cover a deep area like a 4-3 LB does.