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    2011 America's Game

    Just looking ahead a little bit, because I absolutly love these documentaries by NFL Network. I already cant wait to see the 2011 version, but heres a question for Giants fans, who do they choose as the 3 players to spotlight?

    In the '07 edition, they used Coughlin, Eli and Strahan. Obviously Eli and Coughlin are still getting a lot of the attention for this win, but I dont believe they have ever used the same player/coach twice for the same team.

    So, who do we take? I can think of plenty of candidates. Cruz, he is the rags to riches story everyone loves. Maybe Tuck, being a leader on defense and having another monster game in the Super Bowl. Maybe a lineman like Diehl or Snee, personally I wouldnt mind seeing Blackburn (maybe the most unsung of our unsung heroes, but I think bringing him back had a ton to do with our turnaround, plus he was there for the first title as well).

    So, thoughts??

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    id go with tuck rolle and cruz

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    hey there. another Giants fan here in Pats land.

    I say Tuck, Eli and Cruz.
    Great story behind Cruz.

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    I'm thinking Tuck, Cruz and Weatherford.

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    Rolle didnt buy into Coughlin till week 16, his story is quite amazing. He wanted out after week 15. id like to hear more of this story

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    Cruz, Blackburn, Rolle.

    Three best stories on the team. I like Weatherford, but he was a Jet last season. I love Tuck, but this season made me tired of him.

    Could replace Rolle with JPP too...

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    Rolle would be a great choice. Especially with the story he told about Perry Fewell asking him about how close he is with Deon Grant, and how great it would be to win the Super Bowl for him.

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    Cruz, Rolle, Weatherford

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    I dont care what they have done in the past. I can't see them not going with Eli. I mean he is the SB MVP.

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    Re: 2011 America's Game

    Anyone but Manningham. No disrespect to his play, but hearing him talk is cringeworthy.

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