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    Can you resign Cruz but tell Nicks to play out his deal?

    Its obvious both these guys are underpaid.

    But can you give one a raise and tell the other to play out his contract?

    I don't know what kind of incentives Cruz had in his deal, but i think it was over a mill a season.

    Nicks deal is an average of 2.5 a year i think (signed until 2014).

    Neither one of these guys will sign for less than $5 a season, so a new deal is big for both of them.

    I wonder how careful we should be in potentially telling one guy he's getting a huge raise, while telling the other, you'll have to risk injury and other factors before you get another big payday.


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    Re: Can you resign Cruz but tell Nicks to play out his deal?

    why would you give either one of them a new contract right now?

    Let them both play out their deals.

    Cruz will be a RFA at the end of next season, so he could just be tagged.

    Nicks can be given an extension near the end of next season.

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