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    What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    I guess I can't hate the Patriots anymore. The image of Kraft and having BB be a part of the Giants for a long time kind of keeps me from hating them.

    As a Giants fan I of course hate on the Cowboys and Eagles but I do have a soft spot for the Redskins. They were a great team in the 1980s but haven't been relevant in years. I go to their stadium and their fans are kind, even in defeat.

    In the AFC I want to see the KC Chiefs do well. They gave us tremendous applause and a standing ovation the first game after 911. They have a great stadium, crowd and tradition and they've been down so long I just want to see them do well.

    How about you? What team do you sort of pull for that isn't our own team?


    PS. It's nice to see the Lions playing well... finally too!

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    For the AFC i have always quietly rooted for the Broncos(not because of Tebow) But because The first football game I ever watched was the Broncos and they were a pretty dominant team in the late 90's.

    My dad though made me watch the Giants and my love for G-men took over and the rest was history

    as for the NFC? The lions were so bad that I just sort of defaulted to root for them cause I felt bad for them lol
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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    I feel for there fans! Every Thanksgiving I root for the Lions and Hope. Now the Browns have a good place to play ,but no team and no hope! Vikings need to play outside,period I loved snow games when I was a kid!The Jag's always looking to move!

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    The Browns, their fanbase is loyal and my Dad's side of the family is from Cleveland and are Browns fans. I'd like to see the Browns represent the brown and orange in the biggest game sometime soon.

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    No NFL fanbase has been kicked in the balls as much as Cleveland.

    In Philly, we have a running gag that every time the Eagles let us down, we say "Well, at least we're not Cleveland"

    Their team left and won a ring, a few years later in a different city. They let go of Belichick and obviously, there is the Lebron thing.

    Have a huge soft spot for them.

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    Stillers are my #2 team.

    My uncle is from Pittsburgh and he's a HUUUUUUUGE Stillers fan, he always respected the Giants and rooted for them (as long as they werent playing his team) as well as watching all of the holiday games with me and talking Giants and Steelers football.

    In addition to my Uncle Terry being a Stillers fan, ya gotta like Pitt just for the Rooney-Mara connection alone

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    I always had a soft spot for the Bears after watching Brian's Song when I was a kid . . . .

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    One of the teams I like is the 49ers (I'm too young to really remember the montana days where we always seemed to meet in the playoffs).

    Recently, I started pulling for Green Bay whenever the Giants are out of it. This stems from them defeating the Eagles in philly in 2010 after the djax incident.

    I've softened up considerably to the cowboys recently as well. The church I work at has a pastor who's a big cowboys fan, although he's nowhere near rowdy about it (and you wouldn't know he was a fan unless he outright told you). Although I won't necessarily root for them in most situations, neither do I really have any more animosity towards them.

    The only team I really *hate* anymore is the eagles. If they were to fold as a franchise I would rejoice.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    i could care less about any team outside of the giants BUT for the topic of this thread...the texans..love andre johnson..like how they have built their team..never thought i would say this but alot of credit to wade phillips but turning that d beastly..i think they will be good for a while now

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    Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    I have a soft spot for so many teams honestly.

    I like the Bills in the AFC, not sure why but they are considered a NY team and I really don't have a problem with them.
    I like their new team a lot, Steve Johnson, Fred Jackson, C.J Spiller (love the guy).

    I also have a soft spot for the Chiefs, I want them to win a SB

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