[quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="jhamburg"][quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="jhamburg"][quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="jhamburg"]That's right, make some room cause we're coming for #5![/quote]
Giants were coming for #5 back in 1986. They have 8 NFL championships. The only 4 Super Bowls that were not that were numbers 1-4. Since then. The Super Bowl has been the NFL Championship game. Now unless I have been counting wrong all my life. 8 is a bigger number than 5. I would expect a Cowboys fan to say this drivel. Not a Giants fan.
Only the Bears, and Packers have more than the Giants. Bears 9. Packers 13.

The problem is if we say that then that means the Eagles have won something.[/quote]
Your logic is flawed. Because I would expect a Cowturd fan to say this. Not a Giants fan. Show that you actually respect the true history of the NFL. Because most Cowturd fans don't. They think that the NFL didn't have a championship prior to 1966. And, when they get proven wrong. They then state. "Only Super Bowls count".

Dude calm down, it's a joke[/quote]
I took it as a Joke. I was just replying the truth. Also I just changed the title to show the Truth. Cowboys stadium is not located in the City of Dallas, nor can you see the city of Dallas from it. I feel, and have always felt that the City that you play in is what you should be named. Giants stadium new one I assume has the exact same view of New York City that the old one had.
But, I never refer to them as New York. I call them New Jersey. Same for the Jets.

Those teams are named after New York City, not state, so it would make more sense to call them the East Rutherford Giants if you were gonna do that, but I think it would get pretty annoying since prob half the teams in the NFL play outside of the city proper.