[quote user="SweetZombieJesus"]^ I forget who said it but one of the big commentators said that the difference between a #1 seed and a #6 seed in today's NFL isn't that great, everybody is flawed.* This isn't the 80's/90's where teams had almost no flaws and were held together for years and had 12 or more wins every season.

Also the fates of the #1/#2 seeds has not been good in the last 5 years or so.*

It's not just the Giants -- the Steelers and Packers got through as 5 or 6 seeds too.

Which does make what Belichick has done in NE all the more remarkable.*

The top seeds don't have a huge skill advantage so much as the bye and home field advantage. It makes it a lot easier for teams that play really well at home like NE and NO to get in.