[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="slipknottin"]Ill add some more guys I like. Omar Bolden, CB, Az st. Missed all of last year with a torn ACL. He doesnt have the typical giants height (5'10), but hes really thick (202 pounds) and physical as hell. (benched 225 24 times too). He ran mid 4.4s at his proday. I forgot he was even in this draft. But he reminds me of a slightly taller and faster Brandon Flowers. With his plant and drive and tackling skills he would do well in zone, and he is very good in bump and run coverage, and loves beating on receivers. Malik Jackson - DE, Tenn. Big and long, was 6'5 284 at the combine, now at 290 at his proday. He is explosive, strong, and has a good motor, but hes inconsistent, and has a lot of technique issues. Gets upright right at the snap constantly and negates all his ability. But I think he can become a Jason Jones type player, especially inside in pass rush situations, which is really all the giants would need him to do in his first season or two. Let him develop and expand his role. Bernard Pierce- probably not much of a sleeper anymore, since he ran a couple 4.35s in a row at his proday, but if for whatever reason he was around in later rounds he would be a great pick. 6'0 220 pounds. So he has relatively low center of gravity, which helps because he runs very upright. But has fantastic feet and lateral agility. Has some durability issues. But could develop into a good tandem back.[/quote] I got Omar Bolden as one of my sleepers in this thread as well.. As for Bernard Pierce, i've been super high on him since 2010.. I actually thought he would be the best back in the country in 2011, at one point in 2010... I think he could end up a HORSE for someone, or at least end up a very good starter, if he stays healthy...[/quote]You gotta like the versatility w/ Bolden. He's solid in both man and zone coverage & even returns kicks. My only question w/ him is his durability. He missed most of 2009 w/ a sprained MCL and all of last year w/ a torn ACL.