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    Linval Joseph...great signs for future

    Sorry if this was mentioned, but when I watched the game on DVR again, my eyes seemed to really zoom in on #97 several plays.

    He really played well. I also think he lost a lot of weight as season went on. Looked more svelte and much quicker.

    I believe he will be a force to be reckoned with moving forward.

    I see a bad moon arising...and he's playing DT for us! Hope Austin brings something special to the table next year also.

    We'll see.

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    Re: Linval Joseph...great signs for future

    We also have Marvin Austin in the wings, speaking of the future
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    Re: Linval Joseph...great signs for future

    Pro Bowl or All Pro selection next year.

    The AP award would be more telling but both will reflect that he is going to receive more recognition next year.

    We have the makings of possibly the best DT combo in the league. Hopefully Marvin Austin can pick it up late next year and maybe we draft a Jerel Worthy or Devon Still if either fall.
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    Re: Linval Joseph...great signs for future

    looking forward to watching Joseph and Austin develope.

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