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    I think Eli is as good as gilbride will let him be. If gilbride ( who i absolutely despise) decides to let him throw the ball quarters 1-3 like he does in the 4th quarter to come from behind... then he wouldn't have to be superman come-back kid eli.. he would just be the #1 qb in the league, neck and neck with rodgers. I have been an avid giants fan for a long time and i know the team inside out. Let me tell you something man, this kid ELI is great, they just need to give him more freedom with the offense.. if they let him throw in a spread offense like they let brady, peyton and rodgers do.. there is absolutely no limit to things he can do. Most of the time the giants unsuccessfully run the ball all year on 1st/2nd down ( LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR) in predictable giant fashion and bury eli 3rd and 6 to have to make a Houdini throw to get the first down...Same deal when we get into the redone, CONSERVATIVE BULL****. LET THE KID THROW! HE IS AN ELITE QB! STOP TREATING HIM LIKE MARK SANCHEZ! If we threw to open the running game, we will be a SCARY SCARY football team for years to come and eli won't have to bail us out in the 4th quarter throwing every down, even with the defense knowing that its coming (nevertheless helpless against him)... there is a reason that scenario kept playing itself out over and over, BECAUSE UNTIL LATE IN THE GAME, THEY DONT LET ELI RUN THE OFFENSE! He is a top 3 qb, TREAT HIM LIKE ONE! If we do so, he will shatter every record in the damn books.

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    Only took 3 days til we complained about our OC.

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!


    Plus, wall of text

    Jeez, dude, add some spaces

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    The more things change the more they stay the same
    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

    Complain?, ain't Nobody got time for dat!


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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!


    I was expecting a joke here...Someone is out of touch with reality.

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    [quote user="Axels15"]^LOL

    Plus, wall of text

    Jeez, dude, add some spaces[/quote]

    "wall of text" --good one

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    For first time I feel that Gilbride did an outstanding job. How the #$@% could you not agree

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    Criticising Gilbride on the heels of the 2nd SB the Giants have won with him as OC is probably ill-timed. In addition, as I look back on the recent failures of the team (playoff loss to the Eagles to end the 2008 season, team collapses mostly due to the defense imploding in 2009 and 2010), it doesn't look like Gilbride has been the chief problem. I would put most of the blame for the Eagles loss on Eli, who simply had a very poor game throwing in the wind that day. The Giants rely on Eli a lot like the Yankees rely on Mariano. If these key men have a bad day, the team is in big trouble.

    As far as calling for the Giants to throw more often, if you had the percentage of throws per down versus other successful offenses, that would add something to your argument. Not saying that we shouldn't criticize Gilbride, but this is probably not the best time. That said, I admit I let out a blue streak of invective a few times during this postseason after another ill-timed Gilbride draw play.

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    Re: GILBRIDE SUCKS!!!!!!

    Rather than resurrecting a 6-week old "Kildrive" thread (which most people are ashamed to be a part of), this guy waits 'til the Giants (with Gilbride) win their second Super Bowl in 5 years and registers to start his own, as a first post.


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