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    Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    I thought I remember reading that SB winners get extra money for the cap ceiling or like the organization gets a salary bonus or something...can anyone clarify?

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    Re: Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    idk but how would that make any sense? shouldn't the bad teams get a bonus?

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    Re: Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    .....never heard of that but it makes sense and would be welcomed.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Re: Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    I doubt it. The NFL is all about parity, more than any other sport. Hope it's true though. We could use it. It would go along way towards resigning Manningham and still having cap room to perform other necessary personnel/draft moves.

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    Re: Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    Probably $85,000 for winner and $45,000 for loser in the super bowl.

    These are the players bonuses for the super bowl. I am not sure about extra cap.


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    Re: Don't SB Winners get Cap Bonuses??

    no i know that the winners and losers get that game bonus, but the sb winning team does get some sort of team salary bonus.

    damn i wish i remembered where i read that but i can't. was hoping some one else would know but i am positive that the team gets some sort of added cap space.

    it may have something to do with the extra media/game coverage like the SB winning team will get more nationally televised games...damn i have a shot out memory but I believe the last i heard it was like a 5 million dollar cap or salary bonus.

    if im wrong sorry but i do remember reading about this and am 90% sure of this

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