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Thread: Late Congrats

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    Late Congrats

    To the classy Giants fans here: Just wanted to post a formal congrats to the classy, die hard Giants fans here on yet another Super Bowl. If you guys were going to win one, its better that its at Brady's expense. His ugly wife is getting under my skin so congrats for shutting the Pats and the Bostonians up.

    To the *** here that have acted like self entitled, arrogant *******s ever since making your playoff run: Eat ***

    That is all

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    Re: Late Congrats

    That doo doo tasted mighty good at the victory parade! Thanks![]

    Rudy was my side chick.

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    Re: Late Congrats

    ok and good luck to you!

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    Re: Late Congrats


    You're one of the best Eagle fans around here, probably THE best. I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, watching a division rival do it.

    Definitely stick around, and maybe someday we can convert you.
    8-Time NFL Champions - 1927 1934 1938 1956 1986 1990 2007 2011

    "You win close games because you're prepared to do it. It doesn't just come down to luck." -- Bill Parcells

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