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    JPP wants Osi back


    Not much of a story, but thought I would link it anyway
    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

    Complain?, ain't Nobody got time for dat!


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    Re: JPP wants Osi back

    I didn't know JPP played linebacker. Learn something new every day!

    As for resigning veterans or keeping them around longer, I think we will retain a few more than normal since we just won a Superbowl. Osi has a year left on his contract but guys like Kareem are going to be FA's. The veterans with nothing left to offer will be cut.

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    Re: JPP wants Osi back

    There is no question that everyone wants Osi back, and specially if the salary numbers allow for it. The remaining question is, whether or not, Osi wants back.

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