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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    How can you make a prediction now?

    The draft and FA hasn't even started... Blow me already

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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    [quote user="SackingMyths"]
    Please, oh, pretty please pick us to suck next year!!!

    THIS x 1000! The Giants do best when nobody else believes in them. It's tiring to put up with the crap from other fans saying we get lucky and crap like that, but i'll take a 9-7 season again if it means another ring.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    [quote user="VBGiantsFan"][quote user="Overdrive92"][quote user="Salsa80"]http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/09000d5d826d2570/Predictions-from-the-Great-Baldini?module=HP11_content_stream[/quote] Hey, you never know. How many people thought we'd win it this year? Not many.[/quote] The Jets have a fantastic defense, and will for a while with Revis back there making Rex Ryan look like the genius that he ISN'T. It really just depends on Sanchez progression or regression.[/quote]</P>

    they have a good defense. Not fantastic. Revis of course and a bunch of other guys.</P>

    0 pass rush...</P>
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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol


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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    [quote user="paul007"]WHAT SECTION WILL THEY BE SITTING IN?[/quote] LOL +1

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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    Want to laugh, check out this BANGCARTOON with the JETS. HAHAHAHA

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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    only if they get peyton....then.....nah...

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    Re: JETS to the SB? Lol

    It's very possible. Everyone is down on the Jets for the first time in about 3 years, they have a good defense, they have a highly scrutinized QB who might just be pretty good next year in an offense run by a very good coach in Tony Sparano, and even Ryan isn't talking.

    That team is going to have a completely different aura/environment and personality to them, and it might do them good. You never know.
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