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Thread: Corey Webster

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    Corey Webster


    He is by far one of the most unsung heros of our team. He is a fantastic TOP 10 CB in the league.

    If it weren't for Revis (and rightfully so, he is amazing) Webster would have soooo much more acclaim being a great NY corner.

    The man deserves credit and never gets it from voters.

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    Re: Corey Webster

    he should be all pro actually. he is the most underrated corner in the league and has been for years

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    Re: Corey Webster

    How did I miss this. I couldn't agree more. Corey Webster is lock down. Thank god Fewell realized our secondary is best suited for man coverage.

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    Re: Corey Webster

    As I always say... see the sig
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Re: Corey Webster

    Great man to man defender,the best corner we have had since Mark Haynes,better than Mark Collins!

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