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    How do signing bonuses affect the cap?

    Also, I heard that the Eagles and Jets were both great at restructuring contracts so they don't take huge cap hits. What is the secret?

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    Re: How do signing bonuses affect the cap?

    Bonuses hit the cap just like base salaries. All the creativity of bonuses does is control when it actually does.

    i.e. Jets' Darrelle Revis signs a 4 year 46mil deal. He got $25mil paid out this year alone [$18 mil in bonus + 7mil in base] when they actually have cap room, then will get paid a mere $7.5 mil and 6mil [same as Corey Webster] in the following two years when their cap issues really begin. I would hardly say the Jets handled their contracts well, though. They have a lot of horrible contracts of players who won't be cut, simply bc it would result in a mass of dead money.

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    Re: How do signing bonuses affect the cap?

    A signing bonus gets pro rated over the length of the contract.

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