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    I just got all the NY papers and stuff

    I grew up in Huntington well Greenlawn on LI and most of my family still lives there... Well I just got in the mail all the papers and NY SB stuff!!! All I can say is WOOOW!!!! Down here in SC we had 2 pages in the paper and that was it!!! I cant believe all the stuff they printed this year... She sent me the stuff from the last SB and it was NOTHING like this!!! Crazy!!! Im going to have the most ridiculous scrap book of this SB ever!!! Im so freaking happy to get this stuff!!!

    Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Giants!!!

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    Re: I just got all the NY papers and stuff

    How did you get them? I live in Syracuse and couldn't find any at the stands that I normally do.
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    Re: I just got all the NY papers and stuff

    Yeah moved from Syracuse to Charlotte NC and there was a little wright up about it..lol
    ALL IN!

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    Re: I just got all the NY papers and stuff

    down in florida we get it at Publix supermarket,Post,daily news and times!

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