Here is a guy I would like for us to target and for some reason he is falling. I think we would be able to snatch him up in Round 3. I feel today too many people take stock in the offseason events like the combine and Senior Bowl practices (really!). This is where Polk fell. Did they forget his numbers on the field which are awesome and the fact that he ran behind a not so great OLine at UW

2009 - 1,113 yds and a 4.9 YPC with 5 TDs and 25 receptions

2010 - 1,415 yds and a 5.4 YPC with 9 TDs and 22 receptions

2011 - 1,488 yds and a 5.1 YPC with 12 TDs and 31 receptions

I read that in Senior Bowl practices he had trouble picking up blitzes. What RB coming out of College doesn't need to work on blitz pick up. He can learn that. If you watch his tape, he is so much like Arian Foster its crazy. Tough runner with excellent vision and good enough speed. He would be a great compliment to AB and eventually our starter.

What do you guys think of this draft?

1. Dwayne Allen - TE - Clemson

2. Levy Ad**** - OT - Oklahoma State

3. Chris Polk - RB - Washington

4a. James Michael-Johnson - ILB - Nevada

4b. Jeff Fuller - WR - Texas A&M

5. Josh Robinson - CB - Central Florida

6. Antoine McClain - G - Clemson

7. Jamie Blatnick - DE - Oklahoma State