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    anyone remember...

    What happenend last time we lost to an undefeated team 38-35?

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    Re: anyone remember...

    [quote user="conlsmc06"]What happenend last time we lost to an undefeated team 38-35?[/quote]

    I am optimistic after the game, but these are 2 different years, I'm sorry but it's not guaranteed

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    Re: anyone remember...

    Here we go with the 2007 season again...2 different years...2 different teams...and when they lost to the Pats it was the last game of the year.....now they have to win 4 in a row just to make the playoffs and then run the table if they get there...chances of that are slim to none.

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    Re: anyone remember...

    2007 again STOP!!
    THIS IS NOT THE 2007 TEAM......ITS 2011 TOOL!

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    Re: anyone remember...

    Well, the point is, maybe this game woke them up, and can springboard them to at least get into the playoffs, where anything can happen. They play next week with this same intensity they should beat Dallas. Romo isn't Rodgers. He can be rattled, and Eli should have a big game if the OL gives him time.

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