Pandering to get access to Vick much


Derrick Gunn Comcast Sportsnet

"Michael Vick was recently named by Forbes as the most hated athlete in America (see post). How much longer will sports fans hold his past transgressions against him? When is enough, enough?

I really posted this to post this former Eagle fans response to it

"Ok, let's bottom line this whole deal : Gunn supports Vick for one reason - he wants to be perceived by Vick as a 'friendly' writer so Gunn can access Vick for an interview. PERIOD End of story. I'm so sick of these media types who are willing to set aside all that is right in order to remain on the good side of the almighty athlete. When the Eagles signed Vick, I took the higher road of distancing myself from a franchise that would so embarass themselves and this city by uniting with a person in whose heart resides the type of evil that is rare. It was difficult for me, I LOVED the Eagles. But right is right. Now I find myself happy when the birds lose (needless to say - I was happy alot this season). I wonder if I will ever return to my first love of football - midnight green and silver. When Vick leaves, his legacy of evil will remain, the stain of his monstrous behaviors a part of the fabric of Eagle history forever. Was is worth it, Mr. Lurie?"