[quote user="buffyblue"]I only love NY Giants as my football team.

I could never understand folks that flip flop.[/quote]

Haha, hey now. I don't flip flop. Not by any means. Giants are, and will always be my number one.

I grew up in Western New York. The only reason I am a Giants is because of my father. The only reason why he is, is because of my grandfather. It's a damn good reason to be a Giants fan. I have so much loyalty to this franchise, not just because I love watching them play, but because I would run similar operations by their strategies. I believe the Mara's and Tisch's are fantastic families with outstanding morals that expand well beyond the football world. I also believe that my father was brought up with similar ideas, and that I was as well. I live by such.

But, I also grew up in Western New York. I can't compare Ralph Wilson to Mara and Tisch all that much, but I grew up in Bills country. Go Bills. Buffalo is a hell of a football city, and they do not get the credit that they deserve. Been to many more Bills games then I have Giants (mostly for fiscal reasons), and their fans beat us in noise level, by far.

I was five for the Bills v. Giants super bowl in 1990. It's one of my first memories as a child, and I was rooting for the Giants. Hard.