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    Re: Dwayne Allen vs Coby Fleener

    blocking is not a concern for for either of these guys imo...if the giants are going to take a TE in the first it will be one who can make plays, blocking will not be a deal breaker when it comes to a 1st round pick imo.

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    Re: Dwayne Allen vs Coby Fleener

    was an allen guy at first but the more I see of fleener I can see him making plays in the middle for us..with who we have on the outside It would be nice to have somone of fleener's skill set on the field...look at what ballard did for us and he is nowhere near the skill level of Fleener or allen for that matter.

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    Re: Dwayne Allen vs Coby Fleener

    i think fleener can still add bulk without loosing speed. he is a solid blocker i like him over allen.

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    Re: Dwayne Allen vs Coby Fleener

    I think Fleener wins

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