[quote user="BluGiantPies"]With so many free agents and very little cap room, I think that the giants should trade down to get another cost controlled player.
Rd1- trade with the Miami dolphins so they can trade up and grab tannehill before the redskins get him. We receive there second and fourth rd choices.

2 pick 8 Stephen hill wr Georgia tech with manningham probably going elsewhere we will probably need a replacement. While his route tree doesn't have many branches his size and speed combination will be to hard for Reese to pass up. With a little coaching this kid could be Calvin Johnson lite

2 pick 32 Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt our secondary played sogreat in the playoffs but Ross and tryon and tt are all freeagents and two are coming off serious injuries. Casey's ball skills are outstanding and he is excellent against the run.

3 pick 32 Andrew datko our offensive line deffinetly needs a youth infusion. Datko before his injury was a first round lock its worth it to take a gamble on a first rd talent with essentially a fourth rd pick.

4 pick 8 ladarius green te Louisiana lafeyette. This was the yr of the tight end in the NFL and this kids size and speed combo is on par with the jimmy Graham's of the world. He needs the add a little weight but at 6`6 he deffinetly has the frame to add it.

4 pick 32 james-michael Johnson MLB Nevada with Goff coming off acl and being a free agent and Greg Jones not maturing at this point a MLB is a neccesity in this draft and there aren't many better then Mr. Johnson.

Rd 4 compensatory selection from Barry coefield. Philip Blake center Baylor baas was bad this yr some developmental depth is needed. Blake is strong and has good quickness.

Rd 5 pick 32 jamarcus'yoshi' hardrick LT Nebraska red eye turned me on to this guy and he is an animal and I don't understand how he's not ranked alot higher on the tackle list. Has a mean streak and plays to the whistle check out red eyes vid of him vs south Carolina against clowney and ingram. Also from same community college as jpp and jacquan williams.lets keep going back to this well.

rd 6 pick 32 tauren Poole RB Tennessee good back who battled injuries and a crappy online all year but tore it up at the senior bowl

Rd7 not sure if we traded this pick for sage rosenfels last yr or not but if we did I think we may get a compensatory selection for Steve smith or Kevin boss . Akiem hicks the large man from Canada that played at the shrine game he's 6'4 325 and has decent athleticisim.[/quote]I like Hayward in the late 2nd rd. He would be a good addition to our secondary. Like you said he plays the run well and is a ball hawk.

The more I read from other posters and other sites, I would not mind the Giants taking that James Michael Johnson in the 4th rd.