[quote user="gmen0820"][quote user="BluGiantPies"][quote user="rainierjef"][quote user="Manning2Niks"][quote user="Voldamort"][quote user="Manning2Niks"]Were gonna trade back 10 spots from an already low position just to gain a 4th?

I don't know (or care) if that trade works out with the draft spot "points", but I do know were not the Redskins.

Honestly, you wouldn't be pis sed off and be calling for Reeses head if he traded out of the first to just gain a 4?

Absurd.[/quote] LOVE IS IN THE AIR TONIGHT![/quote]

You don't think it's ridiculous?[/quote]

yeah it is.* no diss to the OP he put some work into this but a trade of the 32 garners at least 2 2nd round picks
[/quote] always feel its best to go with a low estimate lol guess that one was a little too low. Thx for the input guys next time I'll give us a bit more. I guess I just figured the thirty second is basically a second already so moving down a few spots and getting another player that I like and an extra fourth for depth BC we got a lot of free agents and spots to fill. I do appreciate all the feedback tho negative and positive. How do u guys like the players I have us selecting.[/quote]It wasn't a low estimate, it is actually a little bit under in terms of the draft board (4 points).

Don't know why people expect more from trading from 32 to 40 than a 4th round pick.[/quote]

Even less so now with the new CBA and rookie wage scales.