OL: (I think we need 2 new O linemen, most likely from draft, hopefully 1 from FA):

1 -Beatty is returning from eye injury. He was ok not great at LT. Perhaps he is better suited for RT?
2- Baas played Center, not his normal psn hurt most if not all year.
3- Diehl can return and his contract should be restructured.
4- KMac will probably be released.
5- We have Brewer to play RT, but we dont know how effective he will be.
6- Boothe play very well at C and G, but I feel he is valuable backup.

Option 1: Bigger bang for buck is to draft stud blue chip Center Peter Kunz to play Center, and move Baas back to play LG his natural psn. Move Diehl to LT with Beatty as backup or over to RT until Brewster is ready. Draft another LT to groom.

Option 2: Draft a good LT to take over for Diehl when ready, move Beatty to RT until Brewster is ready to play RT. Petrus starts at LG.

RB/WR/TE: All interesting. Biggest need of all 3 psns as of this moment is TE. This is more like to have than need to have because we do have depth at the RB and WR psns. Comes down to BPA when we pick vs Need Psn.

We could easily move Kiwi back to DE. If we do, we have Boley and Pasinger at OLB, MLB Goff, Blackburn, Herzlick, and Jones (Thats 4 MLB), We have Willaims, Sintim, and Adrian Tracy at OLB. If there is a stud blue chipgame changing LB available when we pick, we take him otherwise I dont see it.

Every draft we think we know what the Giants will do and we are usually dead wrong, including me. Reese goes with best value over need.

I think we draft another Safety bc Grant will be cut and Idk how effective Chad Jones will be but i'm rooting for him.