As a Syracuse fan, I have got to watch this kid play a lot. He is a very good prospect at the DE spot. Some are saying he can fit into a 3-4 OLB, which he probably can because he can cover somewhat, but I think he is more suited for a 4-3 DE. </P>

I really like him and think he fits the Giants DE mold perfect. He is a long player, at 6'5'' and 265, has a non stop motor and can play a roll similar to JPP, meaning he can play the run and pass. He isnt as athletic as JPP, and who is really?, but I feel like he will be a sleeper DE in the draft and a perfect replacement for Osi. </P>

His brother is Arthur Jones playing DE for the Baltimore Ravens.</P>

I was hoping he would stay under the radar but it seemsTodd McShayhas started honing in on his potential and productivity rescently, pushing him into a late 2nd round - 3rd round pick. And if he performs well at the combine, whoch I think he will, he could even go earlier. </P>

Im hoping we can still get him with our 2nd round pick for the future. Our strength is DE, and we must draft a solid DE once every couple of years. Hopefully we can steal this guy, like we did Tuck in 05 in the 3rd round.</P>