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Kiwi goes back down on the line

Do we draft Zac Brown # 32 overall?


I doubt we trade Osi (we wouldn't get the value he provides playing out his contract).

And even if we do we have more than enough LBers to take Kiwi's place to mitigate the need in the first round.

I don't see us taking Zach Brown (or any LBer) in the first round.[/quote]

Wouldn't get the value? He has 1 year remaining on his contract with the virtual impossibility of resigning him after that said season.

He's on the other side of 30 now and it would be the perfect time to sell high. ESPN's Dan Graziano said it best,

"He's at peak value and they can afford to lose him. That's a confluence
of circumstances that doesn't come around too often. As a pure business
decision, trading Umenyiora this summer is the right thing for the
Giants to do."[/quote]

But again, Dan's article doesnt really address the issues surrounding this hypothetical trade. Its nice in theory, but not in practice for a variety of reasons that ALL stem from Osi's incredible contract demands last year. Last year, the media kinda bashed the Giants on the issue without ever really looking at the cause of the problem, which was absolutely Osi's inflated demands.

As we know, the Giants will seek fair value in trade. Most right now feel that would be about a 2nd round pick. Absolutely Nobody is going to trade a 2nd round pick, or even a 3rd round pick for a guy who has 1 year left on his deal. This means, Osi will have to agree to a new contract with whatever team we are trading as a prerequisite for the trade. If he demands top 5 DE salary, as he did last year he will kill any deal before it happens. Teams just arent going to pay that, just like we wouldnt. Also, any team that is going to have contract negotiations will want to let their docs have a look at him. Remember, last year Osi hid an injury from both the Giants and all potential trade partners. Come trade time, that IS going to be an issue.