[quote user="juice33s"][quote user="slipknottin"]Im starting to think 7th rounder at best now.

Just far too high of a chance he will never play at all, and when he gets paid NFL money who knows what will happen, hes a menace to society already.[/quote]
Why would he never play at all? Alls he did was speed and violate "team rules"......

Just did some reading of Harris, he's quite the character:

Dashboard camera footage from an Oregon State Police patrol car during the June 12, 4:30 a.m. traffic stop included this memorable exchange:

Patrolman: “Who’s got the marijuana in the car?”

Harris: "We smoked it all"

Harris' reported introductory line to his teammates in 2009: "My name is Cliff Harris, and I'm here to lock **** down."

if all he's done is smoke weed... then he's far from a menace to society. It's far less dangerous and addictive than alcohol. More violent crime results from drinking alcohol than marijuana smoking. It should be legal