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    Giant joyride to Omaha - Dave Tollefson (plus Fallon Video)

    Giant joyride to Omaha

    By Dirk Chatelain
    Sports - Main

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    With his 3-year-old on his arm, he delivered a sound bite for SportsCenter.

    With the NBC studio lights shining, he hugged Jimmy Fallon.

    With 1 million New Yorkers cramming the streets, he took the parade route through downtown Manhattan.

    One week after the Giants won the Super Bowl, Dave Tollefson's mind is still a maze. Two-time world champion?

    "It just sounds stupid to me."

    But life goes on. And Friday night, Tollefson packed up his family's New York apartment, loaded a U-Haul and unofficially kicked off the offseason.

    Destination: Omaha.

    That's where the defensive lineman resides with...

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    Also, Tuck, Umenyiora and Tollefson on Jimmy Fallon Superbowl night

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    Re: Giant joyride to Omaha - Dave Tollefson (plus Fallon Video)

    When Jimmy Fallon asked what Tuck would say to "little Justin," Tuck replied "Stop letting Eli steal your MVP trophies." Also, after the game, I remember Tuck saying something like "Eli's not the MVP. The whole team is. The MVP is JPP, and Osi, and Justin Tuck, and..." or something to that effect. Tuck played a great game in both Super Bowls and I think you could have made a case for him to be MVP in either game (especially XLII). Do you think he's jealous of Eli getting the award and not him?

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    Re: Giant joyride to Omaha - Dave Tollefson (plus Fallon Video)

    I hope Tollefson is re-signed....can definitely see another team throwing goofy money at the guy.

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