I guess it just a matter of how far someone will say the reach is. It's really weird to me to hear an NFL fan not understand what the term reaching is. If you have a need position, you may have to "reach" to get a player much sooner than he would otherwise go in the draft... when that happens it is called reaching. Although that is really just in terms of how it is perceived by those outside of the organization. Teams will have their own draft value they use to decide who to pick when and if they should trade, etc.

For example, everyone said the Vikings were "reaching" when they took Christian Ponder with their first pick: Mel Kiper: "The Vikings clearly need an answer at the quarterback position, but they reached for Ponder at No. 12. They clearly believe he's their guy long-term, but the draft is about
value too. When you saw Dalton land all the way down at No. 35, you had
to wonder if Ponder could have been had later. The Rudolph pick was a
pretty solid value and Ballard could be a good defensive lineman. The
Vikings also landed some needed help at cornerback and along the
offensive line. Minnesota reached for a quarterback, in my opinion, and
like Tennessee, still doesn't know who will start the season at
quarterback. However, the Vikings rebounded nicely on Days 2 and 3.

Here's a bleacher report article I just read the other day:

Teams reach for a need all the time in the NFL draft.

if they are selecting early in the first round, we've seen numerous
occasions where teams address a need regardless of the prospects

The Minnesota Vikings were a good example of that in 2011, when they drafted Christian Ponder at No. 12 overall.

Here are three teams who I see reaching for a need in the 2012 NFL draft.....